Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities

Partner with Us: Business Opportunities with Business Managers Victoria

At Business Managers Victoria, we believe in fostering meaningful partnerships with esteemed businesses to unlock mutual growth opportunities. By collaborating with us, your business can seamlessly integrate into our dynamic community, amplifying your brand presence while contributing to the advancement of education support professionals in Victorian Government Schools.

Who We Are:

Business Managers Victoria Inc (BMV) stands as a thriving professional association boasting over 900 dedicated members. Our mission revolves around empowering education support staff engaged in business, administration, finance, or personnel management within Victorian Government Schools. Join us in shaping the future of educational leadership and professional practice.

Why Partner with Us:

As a partner or sponsor, you gain exclusive access to our array of events and communication channels, positioning your brand directly in front of influential decision-makers. From statewide gatherings to bespoke leadership programs, our events attract hundreds of delegates, offering unparalleled networking opportunities and exposure for your business.

Opportunities for Engagement:

  • BMV Events Activity: Engage with our diverse audience through various events including General Meetings, Leadership Conferences, Committee Meetings, and more.
  • BMV Communication Activity: Leverage our extensive communication channels such as newsletters, website updates, and social media platforms to reach a wider audience and reinforce your brand's message.

Benefits for Your Business:

A partnership with BMV is more than just a collaboration; it's a strategic alliance built on trust and support. By aligning your brand with ours, you gain access to influential decision-makers within the education sector, enhancing your market reach and credibility. Our partnership packages offer flexibility and customization to suit your budget and objectives, ensuring a mutually rewarding relationship.

Join Us in Making a Difference:

Business Managers are instrumental in driving school efficiency and fostering student success. By partnering with us, you not only elevate your brand but also contribute to the enhancement of educational experiences and the overall improvement of schools.

Embark on a journey of collaboration and growth with Business Managers Victoria. Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and embark on a rewarding journey towards mutual success. Together, let's shape the future of education support professionals and create lasting impact in the Victorian education landscape.

BMV 2024-2025 prospectus

2024 BMV Prospectus