ES Relief Program


The ES Relief program is an initiative run through Department of Education and Business Managers Victoria, aimed at providing assistance and support within the education sector. Particularly for office staff administration and finance roles. It offers opportunities for individuals to receive training and gain practical experience in educational office settings.The program typically starts in the second half of the school year, although the exact start date may vary. It’s important to refer to the program’s official communication channels for the latest updates on the start date.


Trainees who participate in the ES Relief program will undergo comprehensive training, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to support the administrative and financial operations of educational institutions.

The ES Relief Program for 2024 is in its planning phase. Applications typically open in Term 1, with interviews taking place in Term 2 followed by the enrolment phase. The program runs during term 3 and 4 and trainees are required to complete 70 voluntary placement hours.

These work placements must include a range of Victorian state school types, depending on the availability of host schools and needs of the program. The duration of the work placements must be a max of 20 hours at each school, and completing a total of 70 voluntary placement hours, over four schools, allowing trainees to gain practical experience and apply the skills they have learned through the ES Relief training program.


If you’re interested in taking part in the ES Relief program, make sure to stay informed about the latest updates and application process by registering your interest. It can be a valuable opportunity to contribute to the education sector and make a positive impact.


All ES Relief enquiries:
Tel : 0477 844 880