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2021 State-Wide General Meeting

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National Association Affiliates

Australian School Business Leaders Association (ASBLA)

President Cheryl Brownley

Attwell College

BMV (Victoria)

Business Managers Victoria

President Denise Sadler

ACT School Business Managers’ Association

President Hayden Weeks


Association of School Administrators Northern Territory Inc

President Penny Beissbarth


South Australian State Schools Administrative Officers Association

President Julie Heddle


School Administrative and Support Staff Professional Association

Chairperson: Tracy Tzanopoulos

Keira High School

TSAA (Tasmania)

Tasmanian School Administrators’ Association

Chairperson: Cynthia Pearce

Riverside High School


Western Australian Managers in Business Education

President Karen Davey


WA Education Corporate Staff Services Association

President Nicole Cooper

School of Isolated and Distance Education

International Affiliate Associations

ASBO International

Association of School Business Officials – International

International Collegiate Associations and Agencies

SEO Assocation NZ

School Executive Officers Association New Zealand

President Adele Seekup

Professional Services

The Conference Manager for the BMV


VMIA Study Award scholarship

Department of Education and Training (DET)

Department of Education and Training