ES Finance and Administration Relief Training Program

BMV together with Department of Education and Training, Financial Services Division are providing Education Support Finance and Administration Relief Training Program.  Please be advised that applications are currently closed.

AIM OF THE PROGRAM: The aim of the program is to provide training in school administrative systems to allow a relief pool of staff to cover short term employment in schools at short notice.

This course is not suitable for people looking for full-time employment in schools.

Applicants must be prepared to:

  • Attend all components of the program which includes 7 days of training and complete the 70 hours’ work experience. There will also be online reading, modules and assessments to do.
  • Attend an interview and complete a word processing and internet test before being accepted for the course.
  • Complete online learning modules and reading material prior to the commencement of the face to face training.  Online modules, assessment and reading will also form part of the training during the course.
  • Gain experience in all school settings including secondary, primary and special schools during the work experience stage, in all facets of school administration and finance and work in a relief/emergency capacity for schools once you have completed the training.
  • Be available for short term employment at short notice. It is advisable that all applicants should be working no more than two days per week in other employment.
  • On successful completion of the program, trainees will be added to the relief list which will be distributed to all schools, training centres and School Finance Liason Officers.

It is a requirement of the Program, that applicants complete 70 hours work experience in schools. In order to assist with this, a list of host schools will be provided to trainees.  We recommend you contact the Business Manager at your choice of host schools during your training to negotiate dates and times for the commencement of your work experience. It is important that you spend time at a mix of primary, secondary and specialist settings.  There is no cost for the training days if accepted into the program.

How you accumulate the 70 hours is your decision.  There may be times and days that are mutually acceptable to both you and the host school, but the choice is essentially yours and to be negotiated with each different school.

In order for you to gain as wide an experience as possible and consolidate your training experience, we expect:

  • Maximum time in any one school to be no more than 20 hours. (You may do more hours than 20, but only 20 will be counted towards your 70)

A person cannot volunteer or be employed in a school without a WWC Check having been completed.  Information on how to apply is available from:

Successful applicants must obtain a Check under the ‘employment category’.

If you are successful in applying for the training, a Criminal Records Check will also be required (details will be provided on acceptance) before commencing work experience.  The Department of Education & Training will NOT accept any Commonwealth or State police clearance of a generic nature e.g. Victorian Police Certificate.  You will be required to pay for the cost of the criminal records check.

For further details on this program, please contact:


The BMV Mentoring Program is designed for current Business Managers and people aspiring to the position of Business Manager.  The program addresses important issues such as leadership and succession planning using high-quality presenters.



  • A deliberate pairing of a more skilled or experienced person with a lesser skilled or experienced person, with the agreed upon goal of having the lesser skilled person grow and develop in their competencies.
  • A two-way professional collegiate partnership which contributes to the growth and development of both partners.
  • Goes beyond buddying, coaching and counseling and moves towards a deeper partnership in working together creatively developing professional and personal growth.
  • Helps to make skills and experience inter-generational.
  • Creates satisfaction and enjoyment in the work place.
  • Gives us the opportunity to leave a legacy.


  • Cloning or becoming a substitute parent.
  • An alternative to counseling or confessional relationship
  • For those who lack an action-based commitment to excellence and the high standards and expectations of the profession,
  • For those who are not willing to confront their own limitations.
  • For those who are uncomfortable with the multiple dimensions of diversity in schools.
  • A job – mentoring is a privilege and an opportunity to share work experience.

The purpose of the program is to offer training to Business Managers so that they can support newly-appointed Business Managers, aspiring Business Managers, current Business Managers or Business Managers who are returning to the role following an extended absence.

The program aims to foster and encourage a spirit of self-reliance among Mentees and is not about training them to perform the specific duties or tasks associated with being a Business Manager.

The goal of the program is to assist participants in developing the necessary leadership skills and competencies, as well as develop a wider understanding of the Business Manager role and its newly emerging directions.

The content of the program includes :

  • Recruitment, selection, induction and training.
  • Leadership and management styles.
  • Personnel and performance management of teams and individuals
  • Developing emotional intelligence skills for the workplace.
  • Goals, priorities and effective time management.
  • Managing health and well-being.

The aims of the program are to address:

  • Succession planning
  • Enhancement of professional,skills and confidence of participants
  • Increase numbers of suitably skilled applicants for Business Manager positions.
  • Foster career planning and development and promote job satisfaction
  • Creation of strong networks.

Commitment to the program includes :

  • Both the mentor partners complete a short, user friendly self reflection and feedback questionnaire and skills audit to support the identification of their strengths and development opportunities
  • The mentor partners making contact with each other prior to the one day induction program
  • A one day induction conference will build the partnerships, explore mentoring and identify a development focus
  • The mentor partners will continue to meet/make contact and consolidate/progress their ‘development initiative’.
  • The mentor partners will regularly update their Principals and integrate the benefits of their participation in the program in their workplaces.
  • A second full day development conference
  • Continuing the mentor partnership and progression/maturing of the development initiative
  • A third and fourth full day development and celebration conference
  • The journey continues.

The Mentor Program application process is currently closed. 

This program has provided valuable support to many new and aspiring Business Managers and I urge you to consider applying for a Mentor or Mentee position for the next program.  Our previous program participants will be happy to discuss the program with you and provide any assistance with completing your Mentor or Mentee profile form when applications open again in 2021.

Why do we need you to complete the Profile form?  to gather information about you, what you want to achieve from participating in this program and also to help us to match the mentor partnerships.  We hope you don’t find the process onerous, it isn’t designed to create extra work for you.  We are happy for you to use dot points when filling in your profile, it provides us with an opportunity to understand your needs from the program and your partnership.  Remember there are no right or wrong answers, we are interested in you!

The program cohort is small – we try to keep the program at no more than 10 – 12 partnerships, to be able to provide you with a better outcome.  It doesn’t matter if you work in a primary, secondary, special developmental, senior college or multi campus school, each partnership determines what their focus will be and sometimes during the journey the focus changes and that is okay too!

Testimonials  Mentor Program

The program is such a valuable PD, and one which for me this year has been a god send.  My mentor’s support, friendship and advice has been so valuable and I know that this will continue beyond the mentor program.  I was feeling very overwhelmed in my new role and it was really nice to have someone from outside my local area to discuss things with.  Jodie Keast  Mentee

The program is scheduled to commence in Term 2 and will include four formal days with our program facilitator Muffy Hand.  The program is scheduled to be held at Deakin University Downtown Level 12, Tower 2, 727 Collins Street Melbourne, accessible by both car and public transport (short walk from Southern Cross Station, down Collins Street Extension). 

We would like to thank Bank Australia for their ongoing support to BMV, and providing the sponsorship to run this important initiative for our members.  Travel to and from the Mercure is at member/school cost; the program, course materials and refreshments will be provided at no charge to participants.

Please contact Stace Kerr at for further information about this professional learning opportunity.  Once applications have closed, the  Mentor Program Committee will commence the matching of Mentors and Mentees, and when this process has been finalised we will advise all applicants of the outcome and further program information.

We look forward to receiving your application once open in 2021 (if you have participated before and would like to participate again we encourage you to apply) and please don’t hesitate to contact any of previous year’s participants – they would love to hear from you.  I am also happy to provide further assistance.

Business Managers Victoria