Meeting Presentations

2020 Annual General Meeting recordings (held virtually due to COVID-19)

2020 State-Wide General Meeting Presentations (meeting was cancelled due to COVID-19)
BMV Presentation – Part 1
BMV Presentation – Part 2
Next Generation Schools Administration Program – Part 1
Next Generation Schools Administration Program – Part 2
Return to Work and Compensation Team 

2019 Annual General Meeting Presentations
Treasurer Report
2020 Leadership Conference Information
Changes to Constitution
Privacy: Protecting not Presenting
School Policy and Advisory Library
Records Management – Part 1
Records Management – Part 2
Training Update – Part 1
Training Update – Part 2
Training Update – Part 3
Asset Management Reform – VSBA
Mentor Program 2019
Camp Australia
eduSafe Plus Business Manager – Part 1
eduSafe Plus Business Manager – Part 2

2019 Conference Presentations
SRP Conference session – Susan Smith
SFLO presentation
Operational Policy Project – Business Managers Conference
HR Policy and Best Practice

2019 Leadership Day Presentation

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2019 Statewide General Meeting Presentations

2019 Conference information
Next Generation Project
Governance Mark Donehue
CBS – Slide Pack for Bus Mgrs Presenation 19 Mar
CASES Administration and trainers information, including PRISM
SFLO presentation
Your OSHC Slide
Schools Procurement Presentation
2019 SRP Changes